I live in Southwest Michigan with my AKC Registered Fox Red Lab, Cuddy. She's a fairly shy dog, the polar opposite of my last dog, Bo, who died on the beach on August 14th while playing fetch with a tennis ball. A truly sad experience, losing my best buddy of seven years.

Cuddy spent her first seven years mostly in a crate but now she has the luxury of finding her 'inner puppy.' Because of her extensive crate experience she doesn't really understand what we humans are up to or why. At first she was afraid of stairs and waves at the lake as well of everything else she never experienced on the farm where she was raised, but she is getting over all that. She's a loud snorer and has stunningly bad breath. But she is extremely well behaved. We're working on playing fetch. Folks often ask me if she's a rescue dog. My response is "It depends on who you ask." Though never abused, it's evident that she has missed out on a lot of stuff that is critical for a puppy's developement.

As for me, I've been making pictures since I was a kid. I went to film school (Columbia College, in Chicago), shot some films, got some kudos and even got paid now and then for making photos. My heroes are anyone who can make a living at this without selling their soul. Cuddy could care less about photography but is very well behaved when I'm out shooting.

I made the switch from film to digital in 2006. Prior to that, I had scanned my film images with a Nikon scanner and learned to work on them using Photoshop. I now use a Nikon D800e for capturing images and still finish them with Photoshop. I print at home with an Epson Stylus Photo 4900 printer and use archival paper on which to print. Many of my images can be bought, please feel free to contact me about purchasing them you can use e-mail by clicking on the 'Click here for e-mail' icon on the upper right of any gallery page. That should open your e-mail client. Or use the address info [ at]jvb [dot] cc. Shoot me an e-mail, especially a comment or suggestion. Figure on anywhere from seventy-five (for an 8 1/2 x 11 on Hahnemulle paper) to a couple or three hundred bucks for a print (13 x 19). (The last couple of them sold for about two twenty-five and the purchasers were very happy.)

Artists Statement:
Tired of looking at images only when the computer is on and connected to the Internet? Would you like to have something more permanent and perhaps nice to look at grace your walls? Wanna support an artist? Why not buy something? Just chalk it up to retail therapy. Like I said, the prints are archival and all the equipment I use (like this web site and the inks, paper, camera, and computers) ain't free! I gotta keep doing this and Cuddy has got to eat. Operators are standing by.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon!

Cuddy was not harmed on the making of this web site and no animal byproducts were used. No gluten, pink slime, or GMOs either.

I am on Flickr, where I am often posting my latest stuff. You can access those pages by going to:


Now here's a shameless plug for my shameless brother Dan, the painter. He's very good and is very dedicated to his craft.

Visit his website at www.danvanb.com